Welcome To Our Site! We live and  hand  raise  our puppies  here  on  a  farm  in  South  Alabama. We  live right outside  of  a  small  town  called  Opp, Alabama  on 250+ acres . Country Boys Great Danes Kennel consists of Myself (Kim), My Husband -Greg, & our Four Boys,Brock,Drake,Gage, & Trystian. We have been raising Great Danes for over 17 years & have loved every minute of it ! We are NOT a puppy mill & we take pride in what we produce...always remember you get what you pay for...need I say more? We specialize in Harlequin, Merle, Blue,  & Fawn Great Danes. We currently have   breeding  pairs  that are  Full American  Bloodlines and Full European  Bloodlines. We also cross some American & European lines. We  raise  our  babies  to  be loving  pups &  then  they  grow  into  being  loving  adults. ..trust  me  they  are  spoiled  rotten  by  the  time  you  get them. We  get  compliments  all  of  the  time  about  how loving  &  well  socialized  they  are ...anything  would  come out  spoiled  after  living  with  us  for  8  weeks  or  longer.

I'm  very  picky  when  it  comes  to  my  "Breeding Stock". They  all  come  from  Good  Pedigrees  and  Good Temperments. We are NOT  Breeders that  Disreguard certain colors born...Merles are just as beautiful as the next-If  for  some  reason  when  one  of  my planned  breeders  are  not  what  I  expected  when  they reach  breeding  age  then  they  are  neutered  and become  nothing  but  pets. All  of  Our   Danes  are  Family  Members  &  are  treated  as  such. They  all  are Fed  Free  choice  with  Vitamins & Treats   Daily. We are currently  DISTRIBUTORS of the line of Natural Vitamins we feed our family members:)  Animal Naturals has a Wonderful line that has worked out great for us.THEY  ARE   NOT   FED  TABLE SCRAPS!!  I believe  that it's   a  MUST  if  your planning  on  keep your Little  One ...that Quickly turns into a BIG ONE  indoors.  I've  never  understood  why a  parent  would  give  a  baby  something  that  they  knew  was  bad  for  them. We  offer  24 x 7 support with our babies as well as a "Written Health Guarantee".All of "Our Babies" will have ALL SHOTS  when sent to their new homes. We Micro-Chip @ No Charge to You upon Request:) We would more than Welcome You & Your Family to come visit us here at Country Boys Great Danes.I ship using Delta Airlines to almost anywhere. I have personally toured Delta's facility in Atlanta &  have never had any problems with my babies being  unclean or upset when they arrive to you.I ALWAYS have them plenty to do during flight plus a comfortable place to rest during flight. When they arrive to you...you will know they were shipped with all the love the crate could hold:) We look very forward to hearing from you~
                     The Barber Family